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Twin Tank Water Softeners

64K Twin-Tank Water Softener
Price:  $1,530.00
Iron Eliminator Package: 


The ECT9100-HC 64,000 grain capacity water softener uses a Fleck "high flow capacity" 1 inch mechanical metered twin Econominder control (1.0" connections standard), and has a Noryl valve body - great for residential use! The twin Econominder delivers a higher flow rate for larger residential and light commercial applications and uses an "up-flow" backwash for a very efficient cleaning of the softener resin bed. This softener uses a "twin tank" duplex design with two separate resin tanks and single brine tank. A twin tank system operates at maximum efficiency, using 100% of the resin of the tank in service before switching to the second tank, for continuous supply of soft water with no regeneration downtime. The ECT9100-HC regenerates with soft water and uses a soft water pre-rinse which flushes the resin of hardness and stagnant water before a new tank comes on line. The system stays clean, for optimum operating efficiency and minimum maintenance. The almond colored resin tanks, manufactured by Structural, are poly lined and fiberglass reinforced. This softener is supplied with 2 ft premium grade Ionac C-249 resin per tank (4 ft3 system total), high flow 1.05 inch riser with gravel underbed, brine valve & safety float, and brine tank grid (salt platform). No by-pass valve is available with a 1 inch 9100 valve - a by-pass system can be plumbed in separately.

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Round Brine Tank and Grid - Our water softener system are always supplied with high quality round brine tanks, and brine tank grids. Also called a salt tank platform, a grid is installed into the bottom of the brine (salt) tank, and prevents "salt bridging". Bridging can occur when too much contact with water causes salt pellets to "stick" to each other. Included!

Ion Exchange Resin -CAI Technologies water softener systems come standard with Ionac C-249. Supplied by the Bayer Corporation, and known as one of the highest grade cation exchange resins available, with C-249 your unit can provide years of trouble-free performance. Included!

Free Shipping - All standard CAI Technologies products are shipped direct to your door at no additional charge. Included!

Comprehensive Customer Service & Support - Free Lifetime Technical Support, 24 Hour - 7 Day Toll Free Technical Service, 30 Day "In Service" Return Policy, 120 Day Product Return Policy, Advance Replacement Service, Full Warranty Service & Manufacturer Warranty Coverage, Multiple Warehouse Locations & Long Established Business. Visit our Online Store Details page for more information.


Our standard water softeners are configured with many upgraded features, but you can add additional options as described below. Visit the Twin-Tank Water Softeners Product Information page to view system dimensions or learn more about this product.

Insulating Tank Jacket - Tank jackets are available that add a designer look to your softener. Jackets also provide insulation, and prevent "sweating" in damp locations. Tank jackets must be used when installing a softener out-of-doors. Jackets are single piece in almond - not available for 64K size softeners. Additional $60

Iron Eliminator Option - For installations with high iron content (greater than 2 ppm), we recommend our Iron Eliminator upgrade package. By specifying the Iron Eliminator upgrade package, your softener will be specially configured with high quality fine mesh resin for long life and better resistance to iron fouling. The package also includes a special Res-Up chemical feeder mounted within the brine tank. When filled with Res-Up iron-out additive, the feeder unit will automatically add the proper amount of cleaner to the brine solution promoting highly effective cleaning (regeneration) of the softener resin. Additional $160

Res-Up -Used in iron Eliminator packages (above), Res-Up is added to the brine tank drip feeder, and promotes the removal of any excess iron in your water softener system. Available in four 1 gallon case quantities, and normally a 2 to 3-year supply. Additional $70

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