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2011 News

Water Softeners, Ultraviolet Sterilization Systems, Reverse Osmosis Products and Outstanding Service Still Flowing at eWaterOnline.net
Tuesday, February 15, 2011
Water Softeners, Ultraviolet Sterilization Systems, Reverse Osmosis Products and Outstanding Service Still Flowing at eWaterOnline.net Water softeners, ultraviolet sterilization systems, reverse osmosis systems and more including filters specific for the removal of contaminants like iron, tannins, and sulfur have been the core products for www.ewateronline.net for years. Backed by remarkable customer service and education, the tandems have continued to feed the fountains of growth for the company.

eWateronline.net is a division of CAI Technologies, Inc., a long-established provider of water treatment equipment across the U.S. since 1991. CAI offers free shipping from warehouses strategically located throughout the country in Pennsylvania, Florida, Chicago, Texas, Nevada and California. This geographic placement and depth of warehouse stock enable CAI to distribute orders directly to the consumer’s door step in just days.

“One of the most important services our customers receive is 24/7 toll-free sales and technical support,” said Bill Cook, Water Treatment Sales Manager at CAI. “They never reach an answering machine. Our sales engineers and service technicians are always on call and that level of service has been a key factor in our continued success.

“CAI is an employee-owned company and we do not work on commission. We pride ourselves in providing honest answers to customer questions and we never apply pressure to complete a sale. We feel that the high quality of our products and services stand on their own.

“When we recommend specific equipment like a water softener or filter system, we stand by our recommendations. If our products do not meet our customer’s expectations, they can return the product. Additionally we allow for a 30-day in-service evaluation of our product so that our customers can be sure the product is performing to their satisfaction.”

Cook further explained that the ongoing levels of commitment at CAI extend even deeper, well beyond the sale and delivery. “Any products still in new and unused condition and in original packaging like water softeners, water filters, UV sterilization systems, RO systems, etc., can be returned within 120 days following the date of purchase with no penalty. It’s extremely important to us that our customers have complete confidence in the product and the company when they place an order and that’s why we practice the levels of commitment that we do,” he said.

In addition to the dozens of water-treatment products available at eWateronline.net, one can find a wealth of step-by-step installation instructions for every unit. This library of consumer information ensures that the customer’s equipment can be installed quickly and correctly. But some online consumers worry about receiving a defective product and not being able to return it. That’s not a problem at eWateronline.net according to Cook.

“If your product is defective or requires parts within the warranty period, we will ship a new replacement item or component before requiring the return of the defective item. CAI equipment is covered under full manufacturer warranty and all equipment we ship is in new condition. We do not sell any used or rebuilt equipment like you’ll find from other providers.”

With so many online virtual stores offering the same products, today’s conscientious consumer is seeking confidence, trust, quality of service and qualified people to talk to when they need help. Providing those traditional hometown brick-and-mortar ethics and services is, no doubt, what keeps the orders flowing at CAI’s eWateronline.net.
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