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About CAI Products

Free Lifetime Technical Support. As a eWaterOnline-CAI customer, we provide live person technical support to all of our customers with a toll free telephone number. You will never reach an answering machine - technicians are always on call. During non-business hours you may be connected to our answering service, but calls are always returned on a priority basis. Non-emergency calls will be returned on the next business morning, or as requested between 8:00 AM and 10:00 PM EST. This service is included in your purchase price, and will serve to answer questions you may have regarding equipment installation, operation, on-going maintenance, or any general questions you may have regarding the application or use of our products. Lifetime Technical Support is available only to the original purchaser of any eWaterOnline-CAI product.

24 Hour - 7 Day Toll Free Sales & Technical Service. eWaterOnline-CAI's technical service department is staffed with water treatment engineers to answer your questions, or resolve your problems quickly. Our trained personnel will answer your water treatment questions correctly, without misleading or ambiguous statements. eWaterOnline-CAI is an employee owned company, and our sales/engineering department does not work on a commission basis.

30 Day "In Service" Return Policy. We stand by our recommendations, and in the event that our products do not meet your expectations, we will accept return of the purchased product. Unlike many companies offering this policy, we do not require return of the product in new condition. Although eWaterOnline-CAI will not accept the return of damaged or misused equipment, it's not possible for you to evaluate proper function unless our equipment has first been installed. Putting the equipment into service requires some usage, and simply using our equipment for some time will not void our return policy. Although we ask that you work with us to first resolve a problem, we will always accept return within 30 days after date of purchase if you are not satisfied. Our 30 day in use return policy applies only when eWaterOnline-CAI has recommended the system design to you in writing - 30 day in use return policy is not applicable for purchases without a eWaterOnline-CAI design review and recommendation.

Prior to the return of the product, our engineering staff will work with you to identify the cause of the problem, and recommend a solution. This may sometimes require parts to repair defective equipment, and if so, we will ship replacement parts to you immediately from our nearest warehouse. If the repair is not satisfactory, you must obtain a return materials authorization (RMA) number from eWaterOnline-CAI, and you will be credited the full amount of your purchase upon return - you are only responsible for return shipping cost of the product.

120 Day Return Policy. eWaterOnline-CAI will accept return of any equipment purchased within 120 days following date of purchase. For return within this 120 period, equipment must be in new and unused condition, and returned to us in original packaging. Please contact eWaterOnline-CAI directly to obtain a return materials authorization (RMA) number. You will be credited the full amount of your purchase upon return - you are only responsible for return shipping cost of the product. eWaterOnline-CAI cannot accept return of damaged or used equipment, except as allowed for in our 30 In Service return policy as outlined above.

Fully Assembled Units. eWaterOnline-CAI will assemble and program (when applicable) all units prior to shipping. Brine tanks and components are completely assembled. However, by-pass valves and brine tanks will need to be connected, and water softener resin or filter media is not pre-loaded into tanks. Loaded tanks are very heavy, and easily damaged in shipping.  For this reason, eWaterOnline-CAI includes a funnel along with each purchase, to allow for easy loading of the resin or filter media into the tank at the point of installation. In many cases - and only at the customer's specific request - water softeners and automatic filters can be shipped fully assembled with loaded resin/media tanks. Shipping loaded equipment will depend on the specific item ordered, and the proximity of the shipping destination to one of our warehouses. Please contact eWaterOnline-CAI for specific information regarding this service.

Advance Replacement Service. In the event that your product is defective or requires parts within the warranty period, we will issue a RMA number, and ship a new replacement item or component to you first, before requiring the return of the your defective product. You have 30 days to send us your defective product. eWaterOnline-CAI does not always require return of a defective part, but in the event that this is necessary, a credit card may be required to insure that eWaterOnline-CAI receives the returned product within 30 days from the date the RMA is created.

Full Manufacturer Warranty Service. eWaterOnline-CAI takes care of any warranty issues for you. Many companies require you to contact the ultimate manufacturer of the component directly to obtain warranty support - eWaterOnline-CAI does not! Simply call our toll free number, and our engineers will work to identify the cause of the problem. If a part needs replacing under warranty we can ship it directly to you from any of our warehouse locations across the country.

Full Manufacturer Warranty Coverage. eWaterOnline-CAI equipment is covered under full manufacturer warranty - no rebuilt or used equipment - all equipment is in new condition. Our equipment only uses the highest quality components, so you can rest assured that your product will perform as expected throughout it's regular service lifetime. Some warranties used in the eWaterOnline-CAI products are:

  • Autotrol, Fleck & Clack valves/controls - 5-years from date of sale.
  • Structural Fibers Corporation resin & filter tanks - 10-years from date of sale
  • Clack Corporation brine tanks and components - 5-years from date of sale
  • R-Can Environmental UV systems - 7-years reaction chamber, 5 years pro-rated warranty on components other than probe and lamps
  • Microline, TGI & GE reverse osmosis systems - Limited 3 to 5 year warranty from date of sale

    Other products are provided with specific warranties, please email the factory for more information.

Multiple Warehouse locations. eWaterOnline-CAI has warehouse locations across the US, so that we are able to provide fast delivery and service to our customers. We can ship from our warehouses located in Pennsylvania, Florida, Chicago, Texas, Nevada, and California - direct to your door. More locations are coming soon!

Long Established Business. Founded in 1991, eWaterOnline-CAI is a long-established provider of products and services to the global market, and will continue to be your source for water treatment products well into the future. You can count on eWaterOnline-CAI to be here whenever you need us.

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