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Cartridge Water Filters

Chemical Injection and Feeder Systems

Chemical injection and feeder systems can be used to treat a variety of water problems. Each system is designed to address a specific problem, including

  • Chlorination for bacteria destruction
  • Chlorination for iron & sulfur bacteria removal
  • pH neutralization
  • Reduction of iron staining caused by irrigation (lawn watering) systems.
  • Whole house arsenic & nitrate removal.

More Standard Features

Each CAI Chemical Feed System includes the following:

  • Shipping from our warehouse to your door - The listed price is the full price
  • No added packing & handling charges
  • All systems with full manufacturers warranties - No rebuilt or used systems.

Sometimes it is not possible to install your chemical injection system ahead of the pressure tank. If you need to install this system after the pressure tank, you will need to use our Proportional Feed Add-On Package (Variable Flow).  The reason is that the household water flow after the pressure tank is variable, and you need to inject your chlorine at different rates – the Proportional Feed Package will allow for this, and includes a contacting water meter and PCM (pump control module). It's available in two sizes, for either 3/4 or 1 inch diameter water supply piping. This add-on package requires purchase of a standard injection system (as shown above).

Another method of adding chlorine to your well water is with the use of an automatic pellet dropper that places chlorine pellets directly into your well.  "Shocking" with chlorine simply involves periodically pouring chlorine bleach down into the well - there is no on-going addition of chlorine to maintain a uniform concentration and keep the problem from recurring. Our Autotrol Well-Pro automatic chlorine pellet dropper works only when your well pump comes on (please specify your existing well pump voltage when ordering). The dropper "drops" chlorine pellets into your well as your pump is running to maintaining a constant chlorine concentration in the well water.

To use a pellet dropper correctly requires the following:

  1. Submersible well pump (a jet pump system cannot be used with a pellet dropper)
  2. Six inch (or larger) diameter well casing
  3. You are not drawing water from an underground stream. You don't want to chlorinate your neighbors wells - to check for this just pour a small amount of chlorine bleach into your well and see if you can detect the odor - if you can, then you should be OK with a pellet dropper.
  4. Good access to your well head - a chlorine pellet dropper is installed right on your well head.

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