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Common Water Softener Questions

Some Common Questions:

Q: How long are the your systems warranted for?
A: The basic warranty is 5 years for an Autotrol, Fleck or Clack valve/control, 10 years for the resin tank and 5 years for a water softener brine tank. Stenner chemical feed systems are warranted for 1 year, with the retention tanks, manufactured by Structural, carrying a 5 year warranty. Other warranties specific to an individual product are outlined in the item's decription text.  We also provide free lifetime technical support to the original purchaser, to cover questions regarding installation, operation, trouble shooting, repair and on-going use of our systems.
Q: How would I obtain repair parts?
A: We stock many thousands of parts to repair our equipment, so normally any required repair part is shipped immediately to you out of our inventory. Occasionally, we will have to special order a seldom replaced item, and in this case shipment is normally delayed about a week.
Q: Can I order this equipment over the telephone?
A: If you would like to order by phone rather than using our secure internet site, you can reach us during business hours at (800) 580-3033 8:00 to 6:00 PM EST. Our sales engineers are frequently on the phone, and if you are transferred our receptionist or answering service, please leave a message and phone number, and we will get right back to you.
Q: How long would it take to receive the units once I order them?
A: It normally takes a day or two to build the unit, and shipment is normally by UPS the day that it is assembled.
Q: Do you have a price match policy? 
A: Yes, we will match any competitors price for an equivalent system.  Please understand that appearance can deceive - all systems are not built the same.  It is easy to reduce the price of a system by using inferior parts and media - we only sell high quality systems, and cannot provide a lower quality design to meet a competitive price.  However, for any equally assembled system we will be pleased to match any price
Q: Does CAI supply “Salt Free” water softeners or conditioners?

Many companies are the purveyors of “salt-free” water softeners. Over the years there has been an on-going controversy as to whether or not these systems actually function to soften or improve water quality. Our company does not supply this equipment, or make any claims as to the functionality of these devices, however you might visit this link to review what some government and independent review sites have to say about this technology.

Q: What is a “Water Conditioner”?
A: Equipment that is offered as a salt free water conditioner does not provide softened water. They can be used to remove chlorine, levels of VOC’s (solvents) & iron, and provide improved taste. These units generally use an automatic backwashing control, and contain a mixed bed of granular activated carbon and/or another media like KDF. If you would like us to assemble a unit like this, please contact us for more information and pricing. You might also consider one of our backwashing carbon filters as an alternative.
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